About us

Kayyali Sons Co. is a leading supplier of Construction Supplies. For decades, Kayyali Sons has provided the market with a wide range of sanitary fittings and Ceramics.
Our local expertise and international exposure combined with more than 60 years of experience enable us to master the art of creating the golden triangle: Latest Technology, Superior Quality and Outstanding Design.
By continually supplying the markets with the highest quality products, top of the line services and a broad array of the best international brands, Kayyali Sons Co has established itself as one of Jordan’s leading sanitary ware companies.

Our Vision is to provide a full range of quality building supplies that meet the needs of all market segments. This is starting from a small household to a huge commercial project.
Our Mission is to continue supplying the market with top end products, prompt services, affordability, and quality. We strive to always be up to date with progress in technology, advancements in the market and customer satisfaction. All of this must be synonymous with Quality.

We are Kayyali Sons

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